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Name of the Project: ALICE2
Meaning: América Latina Interconectada Con Europa 2 (Latin America Interconnected to Europe 2)
Name of the action: Extending and Strengthening RedCLARA as e-Infrastructure for Collaborative Research and Support to Development
Project lifespan: 45 months (beginning in December 2008)

Project co-funded by the European Commission through the @LIS2 Programme.
EC funding: €12,000,000
Latin American contribution: €6,000,000

Objective: To encourage and support collaborative research within Latin America and between the region and Europe, through the strengthening of CLARA (Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks) and its network infrastructure, RedCLARA, and the promotion of the creation and maintenance of research communities working on development-related themes (UN – Millennium Development Goals – MDG) as well as those themes put forward by the FP7 (7th Framework Programme – European Commission).

Work plan: Through the development of an optical network infrastructure, a network with services equivalent to those of GÉANT2 will be implemented in the region; under the name of RedCLARA2, this will sustain the research communities’ actions which will be generated as part of the project in order to work for the creation of solutions for the problems identified in the millennium development goals (MDG) and by the 7th Framework Programme. The emphasis will be placed on the inclusion of all the countries in the region, the network’s permanent sustainability and the development of highly qualified human resources.

Expected results of the ALICE2 Project:

  1. A high-end upgradeable infrastructure with low maintenance costs, RedCLARA2, which will become the infrastructure of choice for collaboration in research and education within LA and with Europe.
  2. A set of user communities (researchers, educators, students) working together in solving MDG related issues and participating in ALFA & FP7 calls.
  3. A strong, well managed, participative, sustainable organisation with a clear funding model.
  4. A network with wide coverage in the Latin American Region with strong ties to the Caribbean.
  5. A large group of technicians, managers and community leaders empowered to collaborate with their  European counterparts and take advantage of funding opportunities.

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