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Human Capacity Building PDF Print E-mail

ALICE2 aims at empowering NREN and Research Communities by providing Training to technicians, managers and communities of researchers; to achieve this goal the following tasks will be developed:

  • Provide training on technical issues to the NRENS.
  • Community Leaders training camps.
  • Keep the technical users aware of new network technologies.
  • Enhance and Maintain an E-learning system for continuous training.
  • Provide management training to NREN managers.
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ProyectoALICE2: Fono (59-82) 604 22 22 | Sitio Internet optimizado para una resolución de pantalla de 800x600 pixeles y navegadores en versión 5.5 o posterior | Diseño y Desarrollo: Gerencia de Relaciones Públicas y Comunicaciones CLARA.canli radyo dinle kral fm dinle kral fm/a>
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