@LIS2 Programme Print

Building on Alliance for the Information Society - @LIS achievements, the European Union will support, through the second phase of the Alliance for the Information Society programme - @LIS2, the continuation of dialogue and cooperation on policy and regulatory frameworks in the Information Society area, boost interconnectivity and collaborative research in Latin America and with the EU and promote the Latin American ongoing regulatory integration effort.

@LIS2 will support the regional political dialogue process - eLAC, strengthen collaborative research intra-LA and with the EU, increasing access to the RedCLARA network and promote on-going regulatory integration efforts. Particular attention will be given to the social impact of information and communication technologies. @LIS2 activities cover the period 2009-2013.

@LIS2 was officialy launched in Santiago (Chile) in March 17th, the three projects that are co-funded by the Programme -led by REGULATEL, ECLAC and CLARA- were also presented during the event. For more information about this respect, please click here.