Evolution towards the RedCLARA2 Network Print

In order to guarantee a smooth transition from RedCLARA to RedCLARA2, it will be necessary to carry out careful planning, taking many aspects into account. These extend from allowing time to deploy the telecommunications services, to customs and tax issues which are not always straightforward in many countries in Latin America. Care will be taken so as not to cause any service blackouts. Adequate superposition of service contracts will be planned in order to guarantee this.

During this stage, CLARA-TEC, teaming up with the Network Engineering Group (NEG) and led by RNP and the CLARA Chief Engineer, will prepare a Deployment and Migration Plan that will take into account all details of the deployment and configuration of telecommunications services and equipment. The plan will also include all peering and transit issues as well as new transport services that will be made available on RedCLARA2, namely Lightpaths (circuit services) and VPNs.

The installation of completely new NOC will be a necessary first step, since it must be fully operational before the telecommunications/networking equipment and the telecommunication services are in place. The NOC will be a functional part of RedCLARA2 Deployment, when a team composed by engineers from NOC, NEG, the NRENs where POPs are installed (CUDI, InnovaRed, RNP, REUNA) will be coordinated by the Chief Engineer, in close collaboration with CLARA-TEC, in order to achieve the smooth transition to the new network that the project requires.

While the upgraded network, RedCLARA2, is being deployed, CLARA will maintain the current service contracts.

RedCLARA2 should be up and running by Month 12 of Year 1.